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natt chanapa natt chanapa sex

The famous Natt Chanapa, a natural to be one of the first babes we post about here on The Asian Persuasion. I’m sure most of you know her by now, she’s been gracing the pages of many Asian porn girls sites for a few years now but I’ll give you a a little info if you don;t already know her. She’s from Thailand and started out modeling for publications such as Thai Penthouse back in the day. Her thin waist and super big tits are whats made her famous, and her pretty face. Some guys at first think she’s a little tough looking but you’ll soften to her famous stoic look after a while. As you can see here she moved from doing softcore to hardcore stuff for a few websites including Asian4you , where these pics are from. She also did a few hardcore videos which you can find on sites such as 88Square. She got in some trouble for those porn video because of her high profile. Porn is illegal in Thailand and with her fame and her doing it it was like a slap in the face to the local authorities there that were forced to make an example of her. The sentence was light, I think probation or something along those lines and she dropped out of the spot light for a couple of years. She’s recently made a return to nude modeling but so far only one site has been able to land her pictures for their use, that site is Thai Cuties. The Natt Chanapa sex pics here can be found on The Black Alley which is today the new Asian4you with a huge updated database of new and old models. Natt has a tonne of stuff here and its for sure her sexiest work.

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